Gabriele Goldsone

Always an avid reader, Gabriele Goldstone writes the books she wishes she could have read while growing up as an awkward immigrant in Winnipeg. She spoke no English when she started school. Her first two books, Red Stone and Broken Stone, (Rebelight, 2015) are inspired by her mother’s childhood in the Soviet Union and East Prussia.  Gabriele traveled to present-day Ukraine to explore her family’s past. She continues to research her past and believes that history is the foundation for understanding ourselves. 


Both Red Stone (originally published as The Kulak’s Daughter and Broken Stone were shortlisted for McNally Robinson Book of the Year Awards, in 2010 and 2016, respectively. They received positive reviews in CM Reviews. Two more books are planned in the series.


Her presentations are of interest to students studying Soviet communism and the Second World War. With the current refugee crisis, she believes that stories of war and political unrest are, unfortunately, more relevant than ever. 


Her presentation, “What’s a Kulak?,” is divided into two portions. In the first part, she shares her research. In the second part, she encourages students to find their own stories. She gives students suggestions on how to engage with grandparents, etc. to become empowered by their family history. Everyone has a unique perspective and a story worth telling. Sessions can be adapted to the particular interests of the audience. 


Her fees are $250 per one hour session or $400 for two. With enough notice, and gas money, she is available to travel throughout most of the province. Gabriele lives in Winnipeg.