Judy Cook

Judy Cook, a dance graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, has been actively educating children through the arts for over thirty years through music and dance. She recently published her first Illustrated Children’s Book, When Dinosaurs Go Dancing, which received the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award in 2015.  Following a career as a professional dancer, she currently conducts workshops in schools throughout Manitoba that integrate visual art, storytelling, writing, music, mime and dance. 

When Dinosaurs go Dancing has proven to be wildly successful with children, parents, and teachers in numerous workshops and concert presentations. 


Participants will learn the dance that the book is based on, as well as dance terms and moves related to the book.  Judy will discuss dinosaur and fossil facts and present a “Dino Rap”, which includes audience participation while children learn facts about a variety of dinosaurs. Presentation group size is flexible based on the needs and size of school.  Rates are $250 for a one-hour presentation.  Contact prairiebookings@gmaill.com to book a school visit.